Many are feeling a weight lifted; but how do we deal with the pressure to attend holiday parties?

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Tricking your brain, avoiding bargaining, and practicing self-compassion.

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You can’t; and that matters in the midst of another national mental health crisis

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“Language is the foundation of civilization. It is the glue that holds people together. It is the first weapon drawn in a conflict.”

-Louise Banks, Arrival

The waters of communication are muddy; jump in anyway

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Lives depend on mental health interventions free of fatality. We aren’t there yet, but we can get there eventually.

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Suicide is a community issue, not an individual one, — and we can solve it.

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Two Years Earlier

Dr. Laura McNally, Ph.D. Author of “Are All Childhoods Traumatic?”

Knowing the difference between adverse life experiences and PTSD is crucial in how we cope, heal, and live life after trauma.

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“I think there’s still a prevailing idea that recovery is very black and white. I think there are very few things in life that are that cut and dry.”

photo by Kristen Higgins

Kristen Higgins

Certified Peer Specialist in MA. Recovery Community Manager & Writer/Editor for Marigold Health. BSW student & photographer. She/her

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